Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Jelly Glutton Hack (Updated NOV 2013) - Cheats

Download Jelly Glutton Hack Latest Version

What Can The Jelly Glutton Hack do?

With this hack for Jelly Glutton, you will never have to buy items with Real money ever again!!

By using this hack, you can hack the game into giving you an unlimited amount of coins to use, as well as unlimited moves, lives and boosters!!

As you can see in the picture below, the hack is very user friendly, so you can enjoy your freebies at the click of a mouse.


  1. Download the hack by clicking the download button below
  2. Open the hack and load up the game on your computers internet browser
  3. Select what browser you are using and click 'CONNECT TO FACEBOOK' (Dont worry, if you are already logged into facebook, the hack will not ask for any passwords as you will be logged in already)
  4. Check the box for what ever item you what an unlimited amount of and then click 'Run Hack'
  5. Enjoy your free things


To download the hack, just click on the download link below: